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Three Girls 2007s Make PRO+ ODP Player Pools

The Cal South PRO+ Olympic Development Program (ODP) is one of the most direct routes to the U.S. Youth National Teams. Upon identification, the aim of PRO+ ODP is to place these players on U.S. Youth National Teams by competing at regional and national level events. Players compete with some of the best players in various age groups to earn a spot on an ODP player pool. PRO+, the next evolution of player identification and development in the United States, combines all of Cal South’s current and future elite player development initiatives and places them under one integrated structure. Cal South PRO+ ODP is a U.S. Soccer approved program.

Empire Soccer Club is proud to announce three players from our Girls 2007 team have made the 2021 Summer Pools team. Emma Bol, Siena Salazar, and Makayla Wells have all been invited back to participate in training camps that will not only help increase their soccer knowledge, but allow them an opportunity to compete with Southern California’s top players.

Our club looks to create a common outcome for our local community in Corona, CA – facilitating the future of our youth player’s development process. We strive to holistically teach the importance of character and respect to our players concurrently to our soccer curriculum. These personal qualities are what separates good players and great players. PRO+ ODP scouts will tell you themselves that they are looking not only for the best soccer talent in their areas, but good people off the pitch as well.

After being asked what their favorite part about representing Empire Soccer Club throughout the ODP process has been, Makayla Wells says, “My favorite part about representing Empire Soccer Club at ODP is proving that a smaller club can have great players that can compete all levels.” Similarly, Siena Salazar responded with, “Representing a small club and showing people that no matter what club you play at, you can still get to the top level.” This determination combined with commitment and pride is exactly the environment we are trying to create at Empire Soccer Club. We are proud to have these three players represent our Empire Family.

Siena, Makayla and Emma each want to play at the highest levels that they can reach and continue their soccer journey with college soccer in their focus. Knowing that a player must train extra in order to master their craft and attain success, these players put in upwards of 14 hours per week. Dedication to your passion takes discipline and drive, two things that these players and our club continue to display.

The learning process of the player is a long-term plan and curriculum that has been created to provide a structure to the players, coaches and stakeholders of Empire Soccer Club. In the process, our local community is enhanced and our youth are given the opportunity to succeed. ODP is an extra opportunity that can provide growth, maturation and knowledge. When asked about what Siena learned from her experience training at ODP camp, she says, “That being a versatile player is better when you’re playing at a higher level because you have more to offer than just your one position that you play.” How do we face adversity? What if your college coach deems you a completely different position than what you played in club? Again, these personal characteristics we promote at Empire will help these players throughout their life, on and off the field. Makayla’s response was that “I learned how to communicate on and off the field and how to deal with difficult situations not knowing many of the players and having to compete right away.”

We are proud of our players and hope that they continue to strive for success.

Congratulations ladies!

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