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Morgan Bellamy, Girls 2006 player makes final 18 ODP roster

The Cal South PRO+ Olympic Development Program (ODP) is one of the most direct routes to the U.S. Youth National Teams. Cal South PRO+ ODP’s coaching and scouting staff scout the Southern California youth soccer landscape annually to identify the top players in each boys and girls age group from 2007-2004. Upon identification, the aim of PRO+ ODP is to place these players on U.S. Youth National Teams by competing at regional and national level events.

Morgan Bellamy, Empire’s homegrown player currently rostering a spot on Coach Auggie Rodriguez’s Girls 2006 team, has been selected as part of the 18-player squad for Cal South’s PRO+ ODP 2006 team. The team will compete with regional and national teams from other states in tournaments held throughout the country. Bellamy, a local Eastvale player, will be a player to keep your eyes on over the next few years in college and hopefully beyond. When asked what her aspirations were, Morgan replied, “My goal in soccer is to get a scholarship to a D1 school, and hopefully play in a professional league.” These players, Morgan especially, have seen a glimpse at what it takes to reach the next level – Empire will do whatever they can to help attain these goals. Our players though understand that players must train on their own outside of practice. Morgan trains upwards of 7 hours a week and maintains a high GPA. Her impression of the experience was that “It was a great experience. All of the girls and coaches were very friendly. Everyone was helpful and I learned a lot.”

Rodriguez, the Director of Coaching and Bellamy’s ’06 coach had this to say about her finding out, “Her advancing and making the 18-player roster for Cal South’s ODP doesn’t surprise me, but I think people should start seeing the players we have created within our club. Empire may be a smaller club, but we are a true developmental club.”

Bellamy not only is a great athlete, but a pupil, on and off the field. She excels scholastically as well as athletically. “I’ve coached Morgan since she was 6 or 7 years old. She’s a tremendous footballer and when it comes to academics she might be a better scholar than a player. These are the kind of players we are trying to create and promote,” Auggie said to commenting on her off-field habits. Empire Soccer Club tries to facilitate a healthy, safe and positive environment for our players teaching them holistically the key fundamentals not only of soccer, but core values and positive habits.

We asked Morgan what she learned while participating in these tryouts. “I learned that first impressions are very important and to always ask questions. I also learned that what you do off the ball is just as important as what you do on the ball.”

Cal South PRO+ ODP teams have won an astounding 82 of a possible 101 Regional Championships for which it has competed in the last ten years, and 57 out of 67 in the past four years, including 9 out of 10 titles in both 2012 and 2013, and 10 out of 10 in 2014 and 2015.

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