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An important reminder for parents, coaches, and players.


Development is not a straight line from A to Z.
Development is messy, to begin with, and then you add kids to the mix with everything that entails.
Obstacles, setbacks, adversity, socialization, puberty, teammate issues, etc.

Professionals have bad games and subpar seasons (look at any HOFers career stats and you will find very down years).

It's not a straight line in any way, shape, or form. There will be setbacks all the time.
Sometimes it's not even 2 steps forward and 1 back but 1 forward and 3 back.
There are plateaus and there are breakthroughs.
There are really, really bad games and really, really good ones.

There is seemingly no progress and then a big jump forward.

The player that gives hard work, hard work, and more hard work, but is seemingly at a development plateau, and then BAM! Yes, BAM! A big leap forward because it clicked!

Stop judging players and teams with a short-term perspective of game to game or even from the beginning of a season until the end.
A lot is going on underneath, like the proverbial calm duck on the water.
The team you leave that seems "really bad" and "can't possibly be developing my child" may be "ranked top 10" in three years.

That bad player you want off your team because they are the reason you lose? Might be better than your kid when it's all said and done.
Development is a career-long journey, not a game-to-game process. Take a breath. It'll be okay.
There are never any guarantees, only opportunities to increase the chance of success.
~The Soccer Specialist ~


Harada Heritage Park is closed to all Soccer training.

Rains look to continue through Tuesday night so, prepare to not train at the park until Thursday (at the earliest)

Girls Club Wide Clinic
TOPIC: Freekicks/Restarts
Groups: G2012 - 2010

Tuesday Girls club wide clinic
Topic: Free kicks/Restarts
Groups: G2009 - 2006

Empire SC Club clinic
Topic: Free kick / Restarts
Older group: 2009-2006

Empire SC Club Wide Clinic
Topic: Fee kicks /Restarts
Youngers group: 2012-2010

College Prep Workshop Via ZOOM
(B2006, B/G2007, B/G2008)

Tonight at 6pm-730pm

Ask your coach/manager for the Zoom link !!

November is around the corner, leagues are coming to an end but, our club activities and events are in full force and just getting started.

Our Whole Empire family:
Join us Nov 6, for a "Sunday brunch" of soccer, as we support our SoCal NPL Discovery team; the G2006 as they play the NPL G2006 Pats @ Eastvale Community Park 8:00am start time.

Club coaches, players and parents: Get prepared for our College education night for our HS age players (2008-2006) via ZOOM. This will be the introductory and 1st phase of the college process for some and will be the "next phase" for others. We will have a few of these. This is Part 1 of 3 in the series. Individual team workshops will also be available.

... and get ready for another Club-wide training as we tackle Freekicks/Set plays/Corner kicks/PKs and our 2014/2013s work on "Going to goal" with shooting, combo play, small sided games, and competitions.

It's a busy month!!


๐ŸŽƒ Dress up Week ~ ๐ŸŽƒ

Wednesday & Thursday
October 26 & 27th

* Dress as your favorite coach
* Dress as your favorite player
* Dress in your favorite jersey


Empire Soccer Club is dedicated to bringing quality competitive youth soccer programs to our community. We support individual team management and growth while pursuing the development of our players.


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