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Luis Solis commits to Azusa Pacific University

Luis Solis, an Empire Soccer Club player has officially committed to Azusa Pacific University. Luis, who has been playing under coach Mike Ditta with our Boys 2003 competitive team, is a star athlete and avid scholar. He will look to join up with APU and help lead the Cougars in the upcoming year. Luis had partaken A-Licensed Mike Ditta’s program and has been a protégé under director Auggie Rodriguez.

Luis has dedicated much time to his craft and continues to be a leader on the field. While maintaining a 4.3 GPA, leading his team at training and games, Luis has also spent a lot of time in his local community of Eastvale, California and continues to come out to training sessions to help coaches and provide servant leadership. Asked about how frequently he trains, Luis says, “I usually have 2 training sessions and one gym session a day. A normal week for me would be training every Monday through Friday, game on Saturday or Sunday and rest one of the days. Not only do I train on the field, but I also work out in the gym five days a week trying to get stronger and faster. A huge part of training is also your nutrition. I follow a diet which helps me stay fit and in the best form.” It is no mystery why he has captured the attention of coach David Blomquist from Azusa Pacific.

In response to Luis’ commitment to training, mentor and club director, Auggie Rodriguez, replied, “Luis going to APU and receiving financial help, to me, means the world. His willingness to help the community, the club, younger teams, coaches, graduating with honors is amazing. These are the types of players we are trying to model our club after. We’ve built a good, productive member of society, on and off the field.”

Luis would like to continue his career and play at a professional level. While in school, he plans to study kinesiology and get involved as an athletic trainer or a physical therapist. He also has interest in teaching.

For Luis, his biggest role model has been Auggie Rodriguez. “I look up to him as a footballer and a person. He has always been there for me and guided me along the way from teaching me different tools of the game to teaching me about life. I’ve learned many things and it doesn’t seem to end. He’s a great player and better guy that I’m glad I can be around and learn from. Playing under coach Mike also helped me a lot. Mike is a great coach who brings a lot to the table. He taught me a lot in the little time we had together. Every other coach and members of the club have all been there for me as well. It’s a big a family where everyone has each other’s back.”

Lastly, when asked about what he looks forward to on his new journey, Luis said, “At APU, my biggest goal is to grow as a player, an individual and spiritually. I hope to learn many things that will make me a better player as I like the playing style APU has to offer. I hope to have a huge impact on the field and bring as much success to the program as possible. As an individual, I hope to become the best version of myself possible. Lastly, I hope to gain a better relationship with the man above.”

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