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Empire SC Competitive Soccer Program

At Empire Soccer Club (ESC), we believe that Coaches should take ownership of their teams in respect to player/trainer selection, training curriculum, and tournament selection. This preserves team cohesiveness, fosters loyalty, and instills player confidence. Ultimately, there is a synergy formed between coaches, players, and parents thus creating a family team culture.

 Furthermore, we believe in order for teams to remain competitive, coaches must continue their own development through the following:

·         Having a Mentor – from the outside or from our senior coaches or their experienced trainers

·         Attending training enhancement clinics

·         Further advancing their coaching certifications

·         Supporting continuous learning from various media publications

When coaches continuously pursue experience and knowledge, their training environments improve thus enhancing the players’ training experience and further improving their overall development. 

We believe that each team should be given the freedom to be managed independently, yet all Empire SC teams must still comply and adhere to ESC rules and regulations, ESC code of conduct, ESC by-laws, and Cal South rules and regulations.

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